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  • Keto Is Terrible for Weight Loss

    by Vanessa McHale | Anorexia

    Recently, a preprint by Hall et al. was published: a comparison of keto and plant-based diets. The gist of it is that a low-fat plant-based diet is more satiating than keto; those eating an unlimited plant-based diet will eat less than those eating an unlimited keto diet.

  • Strict Data Structures Do Not Improve Performance

    by Vanessa McHale | Haskell

    I have seen "strict data structures, lazy functions" bandied about among Haskellers. This is bad advice. Preferable is "know what you are doing."

  • Lazy Streaming With a C API

    by Vanessa McHale | Haskell

    Streaming via a C API presents a conundrum in Haskell: on the one hand, the C code is side effecting, on the other, we would like to provide a lazy API.

  • Type-safe Pointers in ATS

    by Vanessa McHale | ATS

    Compared with Rust, ATS provides better type safety at the boundaries; foreign functions and data structures can be used in a first-class way without sacrificing type safety.

  • ATS As a Systems Programming Language

    by Vanessa McHale | ATS

    You may have seen the Some Were Meant for C polemic; I do not agree with it completely but I encourage you to read it if you have not. Here, I give some comments on ATS and Rust in light of it.