Vanessa McHale
  • Compiler Technologies behind Logics

    by Vanessa McHale | Computer Science

    As I wrote elsewhere, garbage collection - manual memory management correspond to intuitionistic logic - linear logic. So garbage collection is a technology with logical implications.

  • Shoelace Iteration

    by Vanessa McHale | J

    Suppose we wish to compute successive differences. In J:

  • Adequate J Matrix Performance

    by Vanessa McHale | J

    I adapted the xor example here from Python; they used NumPy.

  • Dimension Is a Functor

    by Vanessa McHale | Programming

    Dimension is a functor. This is true for points in space as well as arrays (more concretely).

  • Artisanal Neural Networks

    by Vanessa McHale | J

    I ported a Python tutorial to J.