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  • Edit Distance in ATS

    by Vanessa McHale | ATS

    As ATS remains a somewhat obscure language, I figured I'd write up a recent success and give some commentary on some advanced features of ATS.

  • Benchmarking Code Produced by Different Versions of GHC

    by Vanessa McHale | Haskell

    Though it does not often get mentioned in the Haskell community, simply bumping to a new version of GHC can drastically improve the performance of your code. Here, I have several examples from my fast-arithmetic package, which will hopefully give an idea of just how much work has gone into optimizing code produced by GHC.

  • Uncanny Haskell

    by Vanessa McHale | Haskell

    Below, I have collected several examples of "uncanny" Haskell. These are things that may be surprising to those who have learned the language merely by doing.

  • A Look at the Packages on Hackage

    by Vanessa McHale | Programming

    Initially, I had written hackage-fetch to see if there was any use of coelgot anywhere on Hackage. At the time, there was not, but this has changed due to my gmpint package. As of writing, it is not surprisingly the only use of co-(Elgot algebra)s on the entirety of Hackage.

  • An Old English Name Generator in Madlang

    by Vanessa McHale | Old English

    Inspired by a tweet, I decided to write an Old English name generator in Madlang. This would help my indecision (picking a favorite color is hard!), and it would unearth some limitations of Madlang.