Vanessa McHale
  • Generating Vim Tags With Jacinda

    by Vanessa McHale | Jacinda

    One can use Jacinda to generate tags files for vim. This amounts to string processing with regular expressions, which we can do in a functional style, skirting Universal Ctags.

  • Unix Meets APL

    by Vanessa McHale | awk

    Suppose we wish to inspect our PATH. Then we can make it more readable using awk:

  • Processing Compiler Errors in Jacinda

    by Vanessa McHale | awk

    GHC includes span information in compiler errors, but not in a format suitable for vim:

  • Q Performance for Data Science

    by Vanessa McHale | Vector Languages

    For data science, elites use use array languages such as J or k. However, Python is ubiquitous and thus one would assume it is capable of the same things.

  • The !-modality Is a Comonad

    by Vanessa McHale | Mathetmatics

    The !-modality is a comonad. In particular, it is a functor; we can lift any function/procedure to work on perennial types with map, \( A \multimap B \vdash !A \multimap !B \).